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Professional Experience

Programmer/Designer/Sound Designer

Every year I participate in the Global Game Jam. I've produced 5 high quality games over the past 5 years during these events and look forward to many more in the future.

2020 - Current

Programmer/Designer/Sound Designer

February 2018 - 2019

For my final project at QUT I worked as a programmer, game designer and sound designer for Team 3illion. I designed and programmed the core player and boss mechanics for our game Here, There Be Monsters and designed and recorded all of the sound effects.


Lead Programmer

November 2017 - 2019

While studying I also worked as part of a small team, developing mobile apps. Our first project, Toaster Toss released in 2019 on the Google Play Store. I joined the team as the Lead Programmer and focused on the Core Physics of the game as well as Menu UI and Progression.

Old Toaster.png


Bachelor of Audio Engineering and Sound Design - JMC Academy (2013 - 2015)

I studied Audio Engineering at JMC Academy in Brisbane for 2 years after finishing high school. While we studied all forms of Audio Engineering and Business at JMC, I excelled at and specialized in sound design for Film, TV and Games.

Bachelor of Games and Interactive Environments - QUT (2015 - 2018)

I graduated with a bachelor of Games and Interactive Environments with a major in Software Technologies at QUT. I've had the opportunity to work on several high quality games while studying, in multiple, varying teams.

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